Teal Blue High Gloss Ceramic Birdbath Set

$ 139.95

Our beautiful teal blue high gloss birdbath set will add luster and shine to your garden and provide birds fresh water to helps them thrive for both drinking and preening. This locking top system will ensure that your top will not get knocked off the flared bottom sturdy base. Inside of the bowl is an adorable ceramic bird figure, which will add a bit of whimsy and allow birds to sit on top while looking for a safe place to drink and bathe. The birdbath basin is a generous 14.625" in diameter with a 0.75" thick lip around this bowl provides plenty of perching area for them to sit, rest and partake, and its 2" depth for water will encourage both small and large birds to enjoy your birdbath. The ceramic flared pedestal base offers both stability and style. Areas of darker and lighter teal blue within the bowl lend depth and dimension to the item, while the ceramic body remains lovely and usable throughout the warm months. landscaping, while the ceramic body remains lovely and usable throughout the warm months. The basin unlocks from the pedestal easily for cleaning and refilling, and a clear glaze atop the blue one lends a bit of shine. Disassemble and place the piece indoors during freezing temperatures for added longevity. This birdbath will bring dazzling color to your garden while helping keep birds healthy and feel loved! Overall Dimensions: 16.25" dia. x 18"H. When assembled together, this birdbath weighs 31 pounds.