WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

$ 229.95

Fall is upon us and these amazing carts make moving leaves, mulch, plants and so much more with ease and enjoyment. These carts are available in two sizes and are great for home use and also for those of you who go camping. Take one along on your camping to to move camping supplies from your vehicle to your campsite and vise versa, with minimal effort.  Each cart features a pneumatic front tire with powder coated steel frame and collapsible soft sided heavy duty vinyl coated denier nylon canvas barrow, allowing you to lay it flat on the ground so you can load it up with a multitude of home and gardening projects.  It also allows you to move your load from place to place with no heavy or awkward lifting. Use this to replant a shrub, move a boulder, scatter bark, rake leaves, haul wood, and camping. Due to the low center of gravity design, the WheelEasy Garden Carts carry most of the load, making moving heavy objects much easier. When done with your project, just fold up the canvas and hang it up or slide into a crevice for when you need to tackle another gardening job. The smaller cart, WheelEasy LE, (green cart) size is 4′ Long x 3′ wide with a 10” pneumatic tire, weighs 12 pounds, and capable of holding 150 pounds per load. The larger cart, WheelEasy, (gray cart) size is 5.5’ long x 4’ wide with a 12” pneumatic tire, weighs 20 pounds and can hold up to 350 pounds per load. These items ship in 4-5 days.