Window Nest View Bird House

$ 39.95

Made in the USA, this bird view bird house comes in two styles, poly lumber or wood. Either version has a clear panel on the back, slanted roof to allow water to run off and not enter the house and suction cups to adhere to any window so you can watch birds build their nests and raise their young right before your eyes. This is certainly an educational event for children as well as us adults. Our eco-friendly poly lumber version, made or recycled plastic, is virtually indestructible and will made for a great home for your birds for many years to come. The wood version is made of cedar and both wonderful bird houses for years of bird watching entertainment. Neither of the Nest View Bird Houses include a perch near the entrance hole to discourage invasive species like English Sparrows from nesting in the house. Easy clean out; simply remove two screws holding the plexiglass on. Entrance hole measures 1-1/2 inch. The Nest View Window House can be installed year-round, though early March is the optimal time for spring nesting Size of either house is: 5.50 (D) x 6.50 (W) x 8.00 (H) inches. These ship in 4-5 days.