It’s Hummingbird Migration Time – Enjoy Them While You Can

Hummingbird migration actually begins in August and September and many of us are starting to think about fall and no need to think about hummingbirds now. But, we would like to encourage you… don’t take down those feeders just yet! And, if you don’t have yours up right now, think about putting one up… they need our help. As hummingbirds begin their migration they are looking for nectar and you just might be the house they visit.

This is what we know… they are fueled by the nectar, hummingbirds double their weight as they prepare to fly hundreds or even thousands of miles. Males leave first, as early as mid-July. Females follow, and then the young who migrate for the first time all alone.

So all that to say … it’s not too late to view hummingbirds and let’s enjoy them while we still can.