Double Bonsai In An Artisan Hand Carved Wood Bowl

$ 249.95

This beautiful creation has been artisan crafted using a wooden bowl that has been hand carved and then been permanently arranging two preserved bonsai trees into the container and finishing the look by filling the bowl with decorative polish stones. Each bonsai creation is a one of a kind creation due the size of the wood and the preserved tree. Everyone of them is unique and beautiful.

This set of Bonsai trees began as a living trees that have been carefully preserved and sculpted here in the USA. Each branch was carefully preserved to maintain its natural shape and color and then hand trimmed and arranged by skilled artisans. It will maintain its beauty, fragrance and will feel like a live tree. never need watering, sunlight or soil, making it a zero maintenance plant to just plain enjoy. Approximate dimensions:  20” tall x 18” wide and 18” deep. This item ships in 7-10 days.