Customer Testimonies

10/17/23 from Customer DM - Dottie, my new birdbath top was just delivered and it’s perfect!  I can’t thank you enough for your professional and timely customer service!

8/28/23 from Customer CB - You people are awesome Dottie. I appreciate you & can't wait to use this beautiful birdbath!  Thanx. I'll share with people what you have.

7/31/23 from customer DPT - I appreciate all the help you have given me to get my new cardinal birdbath. Have a great day! 

6/20/23 from customer DS - Thank you for your help and honesty.

6/22/23 from customer PJ - It’s here!  Happy to report it arrived safely and is already in my yard looking beautiful.  Thanks for everything!

9/24/22 from customer RF - Thank you for your prompt service, it was exactly what I needed.

8/31/22 from Customer KG - Oh my god, Dottie.  This clock's amazing! So much better than I imagined.  Please tell the guys involved in making this that I said thank you.  Thank you, too, for helping me with this.  It'll be perfect for our pool room.

8/6/22 from customer H.B -  I placed an order with this company and the confirmation didn't match what I thought I'd ordered. I sent an email immediately to clarify and had a response from Dottie within hours. (For the record, it was my error.) We exchanged emails and then she called and all was straightened out. This level of customer service is rare for me in these times and I commend In the Garden and More for their prompt attention to customer service. A thank you to this business and a thank you to Dottie.

8/16/21 from customer H.D -  I’m very pleased with the squirrel and the transaction.  Your communication response to email is excellent.   Thanks!

8/2/21 from customer C.M. - Thank you for being so easy to work with & for your speedy response. I know I’ll enjoy my fish bowl for years to come. 

7/20/21 from customer B.S. - Wanted to thank you so much for the lovely birdbath! It's a perfect match and our fine feathered friends are already enjoying it. Your attention to me as a customer will ensure that I continue to visit your website. 

7/16/21 from customer E.L. - My birdbath came today. I love it😊 Thanks for the great service and fast shipping. 

6/14/21 from customer P.W. - Thanks for the quick shipping. My wife loves her new birdbath.

5/27/21 from customer B.E.M - thank you very much for sending the replacement so quickly

5/24/21 from customer B.F - Thank you for the great service.

12/13/20 from customer M.T. - I really want to thank you for the time and effort on my behalf. Really appreciate the great customer service. 

12/2/20 from customer N.H. Oh, thank you so much - especially for getting back to me tonight.  I will certainly sleep better!  Loving your customer service, that's for sure!!

9/26/20 from customer M.A. Omg.  I love them !!!!  Will place in yard tomorrow!!!!  Thank you for your patience !!!  Great service !!!  Thank you so much.

9/23/20 from customer J.V. Pouf arrived and we love it!  Thank you for all of your help and the EXCELLENT customer service.

5/27/20 from customer T.F. I can not thank you enough for your prompt service. I had ordered a like item 2 months ago from a reputable catalog source and it was still not going to be delivered until July. One day after placing my order it’s shipped! This was a Mother’s Day /Birthday gift for our 85 year old mother trapped in her home by Covid. I’m sure this bird bath will bring her a lot of joy. Dottie who took my order is an outstanding employee and a pleasure to talk with on the phone. Thank you again.