Barn Star Americana Metal Yard Art Garden Stake

$ 39.95

Patriotically adorn your garden or flowerbed with our patriotic yard art garden stake. This colorful sculpture add color and patriotic motif to your landscaping while showing your love of the flag. The metal body is simple to place, store, and showcase for many seasons, and a loop on the back allows you to hang the star on a wall when not in use as a garden stake.  The shape of a barn star evokes a classic compass rose or nautical star, with five points and a raised center section. A seam in the center of each arm creates both stability and an apex, and the sides angle downward from this, bringing dimension and definition to the star. Two adjacent panels on the top left of the star sport a blue background with painted white stars, while the rest of the sections alternate between maroon and white. This perfectly evokes an American flag, and the metal construction provides plenty of durability. Two, 6" long legs are easy to insert into garden soil, and a horizontal bar between them offers stability. The white, navy, and maroon hues throughout this accent contrast the flowers and plants in your garden bed, furthered by its striking angles and familiar shape.   Size is: 20"W x 2.5"D x 25"H. This item ships in 2-3 days.