Barn Star Americana Welcome Metal Yard Art Garden Stake

$ 44.95

Our Metal  Yard Art  Garden Stake will transform a corner of your lawn into an inviting patriotic showplace and love for Old Glory. This all metal garden accent will add familiar American flag colors while remaining hardy for many seasons. A barn star creates a focal point, with alternating red, navy, and white segments on the three-dimensional arms. An additional band of metal seems to coil around the star, adorned with a navy field, white stars, and red and white stripes to mimic the flag. The angled and slightly pointed end of the lower slat hints at the flag waving in a breeze, while the metal body offers longevity. The bottom points of the star rest on a 17.25" long rectangle, and its soft blue hue contrasts the darker tones above it. White paint spells "Welcome" in all caps here, adding an inviting look to your landscaping. An additional, horizontal metal rod spans the space between the dual, 11" long legs, providing support, and the pointed ends of these legs insert into garden soil for simple placement. The bold, painted finish throughout this adornment brings striking tones to your setting, while the message wonderfully completes it.  Size is: 19.75"W x 2.5"D x 34"H. This item ships in 2-3 days.