Cast Iron Angel Kitty Doorstop Pet Memorial Marker Statuary

$ 28.95 $ 24.95

For those of us that love cats, this is just an adorable piece. This multi-use piece has exquisite detailing and its wings are large and detailed as well. It is made of cast iron and finished in a deep rust color. It works well as a doorstop, statuary or pet memorial marker. It is 6-1/4 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep and weighs 2 pounds. It would be a great doorstop, pet memorial marker or just a piece of statuary that you will enjoy forever. The underside of this kitty is hollow between its front feet so it could also be used as a frog house if you want to use it outdoors. Angel Kitty will become a family favorite and a great gift for the cat lover in your family. This item ships in 3-4 days..