Frivolous Frog Toad Abode Garden Statuary

$ 39.95

Our whimsical frog abode is sure to make a splash in any garden! Each colorful ceramic creature has fascinatingly large eyes that draw you in and a unique marbling of blues, greens, yellows, and whites down its body. Plus, it has a conveniently placed entrance for other frogs to hop in and join the party! Use it indoors with a tealight to create a warm ambiance or spruce up your gardenscape - the possibilities are endless! Hats off to you if you decide to make this playful fellow part of your décor, as you're sure to get admiration galore! When it's too chilly outside, you can even have him guard your plants' pot. Size is 10” tall x 11” wide x 9” deep. This item ships in 3-4 days.