Reclaimed Wine Barrel Staves Slatted Wall Garden Planter / Candle Holder

$ 104.95

Such a unique creation for use indoors or outdoors for growing and displaying plants, growing herbs and so much more. Each piece is handcrafted here in the USA by skilled artisans. They have disassembled a wine barrel and using the staves, they have made them into a slotted wall décor piece and then added the original metal wine barrel rings to create plant holders for up to 4” pots. Candles could also be used instead of plants. The staves are naturally stained from the wine that was housed in each barrel. The wall décor piece can hold up to 3 plants of your choice. Our picture shows planters with succulents in them and they are not included with this piece. Size is 22” wide x 10” tall.  This item ships in 5-7 days.